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Insurance Plans We Accept

Most Common Insurance Plans We Accept

Our list insurance plans we accept is too large to list here.  Please click here for a full list.

Your copay amount is due on or before your date of service.  We will submit your bill directly to your insurance company.  A bill will be sent to your secondary insurance upon receipt of payment or denial.  If you have no secondary insurance, a bill will be sent to you for any balance after receipt of payment or denial.  We must make a copy of each insurance card at the time of registration.


You will be contacted prior to your surgery with an estimated procedure cost for you surgery.  A down payment equal to 1/3 of the total estimated amount due is expected.  You will be asked to complete a financial agreement.  The remaining balance will be due within 90 days from your date of service.

If your insurance company is not listed, it may be considered to be part of one of the networks listed above.  Please call our office at 414-774-9227 and ask to talk with the billing department for more information.